Aug 26, 2021

How to update your billing plan on Rooster

Rooster is the perfect Applicant Tracking System to start organising your hiring process with. Our paid features are designed to ensure that your company’s hiring runs smoothly is uninterrupted.

So, how can you upgrade to Rooster’s paid plan?

Disclaimer: make sure you have an ‘owner’ permission on Rooster in order to access ‘Billing’.

Step 01: Visit Rooster’s billing section

Click on the downward-facing arrow next to your profile picture and select ‘Billing’.

Once you’re in Rooster’s ‘Billing’ section, click on ‘Upgrade’.

Step 02: Chose a paid plan

You can currently access all of Rooster’s paid features on its ‘Hire’ plan.

Step 03: Choose a billing cycle

You will be directed to a page to enter your company’s billing details once you chose your preferred plan.

Under ‘Billing’, please chose whether you want to purchase Rooster on an ‘Annual’ or ‘Monthly plan’.

Step 04: Add your company’s details

Under the ‘Company Details’ section, please fill in all of the necessary information. Afterwards, click on ‘Upgrade Plan’ to proceed.

Step 05: Select your payment method

All you have to do now is to select a payment method and enter your card details to purchase Rooster.

Congratulations, you can now access all of Rooster’s paid features!


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