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Streamlined recruitment workflows and hiring pipelines

Our fully customizable, kanban-style hiring pipeline function with automations built in, makes managing the hiring workflow a breeze. Reduce recruiter workload to focus on more important work, instead of repetitive operational tasks.

All candidate information and interactions in one place

Manage candidate communications, scheduling interviews and task management all on Rooster Hire. Work on Candidate profiles and collaborate on all hiring decisions — centrally organized in the database.

Set up a Careers page in minutes

Integrate the Rooster Applicant Tracking System easily with your careers page. Share it on our Job Board, visited by thousands of candidates, every single day.

Access Job Boards and candidate databases with qualified candidates

Get access to Rooster Hunt, a candidate pool with thousands of qualified candidate profiles that would automatically match with your requirements. Plus, all Jobs are populated on Rooster’s Job Board.

Make informed, data-driven recruitment decisions

With Rooster, benefit from a single source of truth. Drive better, faster-hiring decisions with our analytics dashboard.

Over 2,000 companies are using Rooster Applicant Tracking System for their Hiring

“Integrating Rooster with our website only took 3 mins, I honestly was surprised."



“The automations are such a life saver. I've shaved hours off of my daily routine."


Hiring Manager

“With Rooster managing 1000 applicants is a breeze, which otherwise took 3 people.”



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3 Job Posts
20 Candidates
All ATS Features