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| 13 Dec, 2022 |
Written by Rochelle Wickramasinghe

Avoid these mistakes when creating your Rooster Hunt Profile

Creating a hunt profile on Rooster allows job seekers to find many new job opportunities which are posted daily. Not only that but by setting up an effective hunt profile, there is a chance of getting headhunted by employers. But how do you make your profile stand out and increase your chances of getting hired? If you are just newly creating a profile or already have created one, check the tips below.

Enter your primary role

Enter the exact role that you are looking for or willing to take up. In other words, this is the dream job that you want to be working on someday. This will also help companies to filter out potential candidates for their available job openings and increase your chances of getting hired.

Add secondary roles

In this field, enter the other roles you are open to. These could be roles that are similar to your primary role. For example, if your primary role is HR Manager, your secondary roles can be an operations manager, associate project manager, or admin manager.

Enter your past responsibilities

Make sure to enter your past responsibilities, achievements, and things you’re generally proud of. The information you enter in this field is important for employers to understand what you have been doing so far in your previous jobs. . A vague description will narrow down your chances of getting a job or getting hunted.

Upload your CV

You should enter your CV as a PDF. You won’t be allowed to submit your CV in other formats. So when saving your CV, make sure to save it as a PDF.

Add your skills

Enter a list of your skills along with the number of years you have been using those skills. Make sure to enter the most relatable skills to your primary role. You will be required to enter at least 3 skills when creating your profile. Your skills get matched with the jobs that are posted by companies and increase your likelihood of getting hunted by companies.

Add salary details

Make sure to enter a valid and realistic salary expectation when you set up your profile. You can conduct research on what the market is paying for similar jobs. Having extremely high and low salary expectations than the market average might turn down employers from hunting you or considering your profile as a potential candidate.

Another mistake to avoid is entering your salary expectations inaccurately. If you expect a salary of 50,000 LKR per month, avoid mentioning it as 50 LKR per month.

There you go. You have created an effective hunt profile. Good luck with your job search!

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