Aug 12, 2021

Automate Rooster with Zapier

The core function of any Applicant Tracking System is to help you organise your hiring process as efficiently as possible. But, what if you could take this a step further and start automating different parts of your hiring process?

Not only would you now be organising your once messy hiring, but you would also be automating some of the busy, annoying mundane tasks.

Sounds exciting, right? But, is this possible? Well, it is now with Rooster’s newest integration: Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Think of Zapier as a middle man that connects you with 3,000+ other apps.

Let’s take a look at how Zapier could help make your work on Rooster easier.

Imagine that your company is an avid user of Slack. Since you spend most of your time communicating with people back and forth on Slack, you feel like it’d be so much easier if you got a notification on the platform every time a new candidate applies to one of your jobs.

Usually, this wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do. However, with Zapier, this task is just a few clicks away. So, now – getting notified of a new applicant on your Slack channel would possibly only take you a few minutes.

How can you start automating tasks on Rooster?

Step 01: Create an account with Zapier here.

Step 02: Start creating your automation from here.

Make sure to choose Rooster as your first app!

Are you looking for a few resources to help you get started on Zapier? Take a look at Zapier’s video guide on getting started!


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