Jan 20, 2022

How to add team members on Rooster

Rooster is an ATS which enables you to collaborate with your team members and fast-track your hiring needs. Having all your team members onboard will eliminate the need for having regular follow-ups and be up-to-date on the progress. Not only that, faster growth levels, more engaged recruitments and ensuring to hire the right person for the right job can be achieved with having a well established team. 

Let’s take a look at how you can invite your team members on to Rooster’s ATS.

Step 01: Go to ‘Team’ in your settings

Once you click on ‘Team’, you will see the existing team members of your company. If you need to add/edit them, check the next steps.

Step 02: Invite your users

If you want to add a new team member, click on the ‘Invite Users’ button. 

Once you have invited your team members, they will receive an invite to their inbox.

Step 03: Add team member details 

Once you click on ‘Invite Users’ you will then be taken into a screen like this.

Here, you need to enter the details of the team member you wish to add, and then select the User Role you want to assign them. Below are the different types of user roles.

  • Owner – Has access to everything on the Rooster account
  • Admin – Has access to everything except for billing
  • Hiring Manager – Responsible for a specific role and the candidates that come through to the role
  • Interviewer – Only able to comment, evaluate and communicate with candidates

You can decide on how you want to allocate the 50 users within your Rooster account. If you need to have more than 50 team members, you should move to a custom plan. This way, your recruitment process will be efficient and the quality of your new recruits will increase as well.


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