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Rooster Manage has all the features required to manage your growing workforce.

On-boarding and off-boarding

Fully manage the employee Onboarding and Offboarding processes, digitally. 

Say goodbye to back and forth emails, disparate forms and documents, and endless paper trails.

Employee information management

Your single source of truth for all employee related information.

  • Employee details
  • Organizational structure


Seamlessly manage even the most complex Payroll processes with ease.

Automate repetitive Tasks

  • Generate payslips
  • Calculate Employee & Employer deductions
  • Manage salaries under multiple currencies

Features we’re adding very soon

Learning & Training

Manage your team’s orientation and training with Rooster’s learning tools. Give your team the tools and resources they need to excel at their roles

  • Schedule training workshops
  • Track Employee development
  • Help your employees with career development


Whether your team is dispersed across the globe or based in an industrial workspace, Rooster Time-tracking accommodates all your requirements.

  • Clock -in and clock-out feature
  • Timesheet capability
  • Employee scheduling
  • Approval workflows

Performance Management

Talent retention is a vital component for any organization. Rooster is working on a number tools to make this hassle free.

  • Schedule and track employee training
  • Carry out employee reviews seamlessly
  • Give transparent performance feedback

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