The future of recruitment starts with Rooster

Businesses always say that “People” are their greatest asset. Rooster is for the businesses that actually back up that claim by bringing balance and transparency to recruiting.

A framework for progress

Everything up front

Rooster will always share information with any applicant regardless of the outcome. Whether you get rejected or shortlisted, you’ll know.

Ranking done right

Our algorithms are designed to rank you based on how transparent you are. Sharing your Pay, Policies and responses gives you the leg up you need.

Committed businesses

We pride ourselves with working together with forward-thinking businesses. Our product will never be white-labelled or opaque to tilt the balance of power.

Our guiding principles are simple

Candidate first

This product was built to help level the playing field. Every decision made here is to further that cause around the world.

Radical transparency

We’re open, honest and we like to share. The good, the bad and even the ugly. This seeps through everything we do.

Going long

We’re competitive, all in and we play to win. Everyone working alongside us understand that failure is part of the process.