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From hiring to onboarding to payroll and tracking, improve your HR with Rooster and reduce your costs.

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Top Talent at Scale

With our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can now find, attract, and onboard the best talent before the competition, saving you time and money.

  • Automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
    Instant access to superstar candidates with our special Hunt Database
  • Easy recruitment automationControl the flow of candidates down the hiring path
  • One click scheduling for interviewsAutomate repetitive recruitment process

*Free auto-generated Branded Career Page

Results our customers see with recruiting:

  • Attract 4x more qualified candidates
  • 30% time saved in hiring


Your Exceptional Team

With Rooster’s advanced and affordable HRIS system, you can manage your talent, conduct payroll and track time off.

  • Advanced HRIS
    Onboard faster and reduce new hire queries
  • Conduct Secure Payroll that works for youSimple time and attendance tracking
  • Effortless and professional employee onboarding and offboardingAutomate repetitive routines

Results our customers see with recruiting:

  • Reduced recruitment agency costs by over 74%
  • 70% faster recruitment and onboarding


Top Talent so Your Competitors Can’t Get them

Tracking progress has never been this simple. It’s time to move away from a manual process to fully automate your performance review workflow.

  • Manage your review cycles
    Set deadlines and we’ll notify employees and take care of the process for you.
  • Customizable review templates Save 100s of templates that you can reuse
  • Goal tracking Use Rooster to manage your personal and team goals and keep your manager up to date on your progress

Results our customers see with recruiting:

  • Reduce your employee turnover by 30%
  • 80% Reduction in time spent by HR in coordinating with managers and employees

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Hiring Manager

“With Rooster managing 1000 applicants is a breeze, which otherwise took 3 people.”



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